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Plant With Purpose Plants 40 Millionth Tree, Set to Double Efforts by 2025

May 12, 2021

Milestone Makes Vital Environmental Impact and Helps Alleviate Poverty Worldwide 

SAN DIEGO, May 12, 2021 -- Plant With Purpose, a leading Christian environmental organization, recently achieved the milestone of planting its 40 millionth tree. The U.S.-based group strives to reverse environmental degradation, the root cause of rural poverty around the world, particularly calling Christians to environmental stewardship and compassion. 

Tree planting is one of Plant With Purpose’s primary interventions and has been an integral part of its efforts for 35 years. The organization works with more than one-quarter million people across Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. 

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“The trees we plant are part of a holistic community transformation,” said Corey Chin, Manager of Monitoring and Evaluation for Plant With Purpose. “Every time someone gives $1 to plant a tree, they’re supporting not just a one-time action but an entire cycle of hope and sustainability for a community.”

Plant With Purpose’s tree planting programs promote holistic community transformation including environmental restoration, increased food security, self-sufficiency, economic development and spiritual growth. The trees are directly planted by the hands of the community members involved with the programs. In addition to tree planting, Plant With Purpose offers regenerative agriculture training and economic development opportunities through community savings groups. 

The act of planting trees assists in reversing climate change and environmental degradation. Trees sequester carbon and have a cooling effect on the land on which they are planted. In addition, trees reduce erosion, increase water retention and enhance the water cycle, which supports more consistent rain. The combination of benefits that trees and forests provide enhances food security in countries that struggle widely with hunger.

“Unlike other organizations that plant trees, the work we do is community-driven and locally-led,” said Scott Sabin, Chief Executive Officer of Plant With Purpose. “Plant With Purpose provides resources to educate local farmers but leaves the decisions of where and what to plant up to them. We want to develop a self-sustaining cycle through equipping local communities to take ownership of their own initiatives.”

With ambitious goals, Plant With Purpose is on track to plant another 40 million trees by 2025 and also plans to expand operations to  two additional countries. Planting a tree requires a donation of just $1, but the organization offers opportunities for recurring gifts and establishing fundraisers. 

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