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Nurserymen understand the need for trees

September 7, 2018

We don’t do anything alone. Plant With Purpose has been blessed by the generosity of so many different kinds of supporters, from churches across different denominations to innovative companies and startups to passionate individuals. Each month, we love to feature a new partner who has made our work possible. This month, we’re looking at a couple of tree-growers who help provide trees in more ways than just one.


Trees are important, and nurserymen know!

People need trees in order to thrive, and few people understand that better than nurserymen and professional tree-growers! We’ve found partners who are enthusiastic about trees- both in providing them for homes, businesses, or commercial use and helping to provide them for rural communities overcoming poverty.

Robinson Nursery in Oregon grows hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs in the Willamette Valley. The nursery began their partnership with Plant With Purpose after discovering the organization through a fellow nurseryman. A shared appreciation of the long-term benefits of planting trees made the partnership an excellent match. Their support has led to the reforestation of dozens of watersheds.

When asked what excites him about Plant With Purpose, nursery owner Rick Robinson replied, “I like the idea of teaching people how to fish rather than just giving them some.” Plant With Purpose seeks to empower locals to take charge of tree planting efforts by providing skills and training, rather than just materials. “We were looking for God’s leading on where we might go with some of our funds. [Plant With Purpose] seemed like a 'God fit' to us.”

Hinsdale Nurseries has helped support the reforestation of rural communities.

Hinsdale Nurseries has helped support the reforestation of rural communities.

From Oregon to Illinois, nurserymen are making a big difference.

Hinsdale Nurseries also sought to make a global impact through trees and found their ideal partnership with Plant With Purpose. The Willowbrook, Illinois-based growers specialized in landscaping services, retail, and wholesale plant sales. They decided to sponsor the planting of one tree for every tree they sold. “Hopefully we will have provided exposure, as well as financial support, to a worthwhile organization,” explains Paul Dobrowlski. “The reforestation of rural agricultural areas should allow farmers to stay on the same land where their families have lived for generations. The results will help keep a sense of community. The local cultures will be alive and thriving both today and in the future.”

The partnerships of these nurseries help reforestation efforts in countries where severe deforestation has been at the root of poverty. These areas include the eroded hills of Haiti, the farms on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the vital rainforests of the Congo. As the presence of trees helps to heal soil, farming populations are able to grow more food, increase their income, and avoid famine. “Now more than ever,” adds Dobrowlski. “It is important to have a global view of the world.   We are all connected, and there is value in helping people both at home and abroad.”

If you are interested in beginning a corporate partnership with Plant With Purpose, there are numerous opportunities to get involved. Just email [email protected] to discover your next step.

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