About the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The issues keeping families in poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are deep and complex. Although the DR Congo has a wealth of natural resources, a decades-long civil conflict has impeded food security, market access, and poverty reduction. The social fabric of the country has been torn; millions of Congolese have been displaced, tribal tensions run rampant, violence erupts daily, and hope is hard to find.

Despite humanitarian aid interventions, extreme poverty and hunger persist across the DR Congo. Although the agricultural sector employs nearly 70 percent of the active population and produces 44 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), rural small-scale farmers struggle to provide for their families and lack the resources and training to succeed.

Plant With Purpose’s pilot program was launched in summer 2015. The program is centered in the Kakumba Watershed of South Kivu. Plant With Purpose has stable networks in South Kivu and is leveraging these connections to ensure the success of this pilot program.


2015 Year Established

Eben-Ezer Ministries Intl. Local Partner

Birori Gaparani Pilot Project Manager

459,316 Trees Planted

62 Savings Groups

$7,520 Savings Group Member Equity

24 Church Partnerships

1,604 Participating Families

14 Participating Communities

We promote reconciliation and peace by bringing communities together.

Our Global Impact

Reconciliation Through Reforestation

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