About Mexico

Oaxaca and Chiapas are two of the poorest states in Mexico and are home to much of the country's indigenous population. 75 percent of indigenous families in Mexico live in extreme poverty. Their communities are often marginalized within mainstream Mexican culture.

The extreme poverty has also resulted from farmers migrating to find work to provide for their families. Women are often left behind to take care of children and household needs on their own.

In response, Plant With Purpose assists families to prosper without migrating. Families in rural communities are learning to plant vegetable gardens to increase their food production and incomes. Growth allows parents to provide nutritious meals and to send children to school. Parents can also pay for health care, and cover the costs of household necessities. Families are also learning to create a financial safety net in savings groups. Church mobilization programs equip local congregations to lead community change.

1996 Year Established

Misión Integral Local Partner

Luis Castellanos Country Director

826,628 Trees Planted

112 Savings Groups

$232,182 Total Savings Group Member Equity

38 Church Partnerships

2,234 Participating Families

84 Participating Communities

We strengthen families and livelihoods among Mexico's indigenous communities.

Our Global Impact

Strong Farms, Strong Families

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