Plant a Lasting Legacy

Planned Giving with Plant With Purpose

A Gift in Your Will

Multiple options are available for including Plant With Purpose in your will.

Special Bequest – allows you to determine exactly what you want to leave to a specific organization. This is a great tool for leaving a specific dollar amount or particular asset/piece of real estate

Residuary Bequest – allows you to designate that an organization receive all or a specific portion of the remainder of your estate once all specific bequests and obligations have been paid

Contingent Bequest – allows a gift to be fulfilled if certain conditions are met (e.g., if your primary beneficiary does not survive you, you can select a contingent beneficiary)

In addition to making a difference in the lives of others, your bequest to Plant With Purpose may offer tax savings because it is deductible from your gross estate, providing your estate is large enough to require the filing of a state or federal estate tax return.

To include Plant With Purpose in your will, please ask your attorney to include the following language:
I give __________(specific amount or property, percentage, or residue) to the tax-exempt Plant With Purpose, located in San Diego, CA, for the purpose of supporting its international community development programs. (Tax ID 33-0052976 )



"As a family we have visited programs in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania and several of us have visited the Mexico, Thailand and Burundi programs as well. We can truly say that this program has changed the lives of our family and given us a focus of giving and service. We know that we will be life-long partners with Plant With Purpose.

And with that knowledge, we do not want this relationship to end. It was very important for us to include a gift to Plant With Purpose in our estate plan so our legacy of giving will continue after we are gone. It is exciting for us to know that we will be able to continue helping Plant With Purpose help others even when we cannot do it ourselves."

–Cathi Lundy

Beneficiary Designation

You can also leave remaining funds in your retirement account to Plant With Purpose through two different types of beneficiary designations.

Primary Beneficiary – allows you to name our nonprofit organization as the beneficiary of either a stated percentage or the entire amount of a retirement asset

Contingent Beneficiary – allows you to name Plant With Purpose as the beneficiary of either a stated percentage or the entire amount of a retirement asset, given that the primary beneficiaries do not survive you

To name Plant With Purpose as a beneficiary to your retirement plan, please use the following address:
Plant With Purpose
4747 Morena Blvd., Ste.100
San Diego, CA 92117
Tax Identification Number: 33-0052976


Your Gifts Change Lives

No matter how large or small the contribution, your planned gift to Plant With Purpose can have an impact that extends beyond your lifetime — helping to plant trees as a solution to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.