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Here's how to listen to and support the Grassroots Podcast

July 2, 2019

The Grassroots Podcast is officially live!

As of July 2, Plant With Purpose's premiere podcast is finally live.

Whether you get your podcasts on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Breaker, Anchor, Pocket Casts, or RadioPublic, you'll be able to listen to our new show for free!

We are committed to amplifying the voices of the rural poor as we approach the conversation surrounding the environment. It isn't uncommon for these conversations to be held at a level that overlooks these populations, but we believe that they are both the most affected and the most capable at reversing the planet's crisis.

We are committed to using storytelling, science, investigations, problem-solving, and faith as a way to approach this challenge. Our podcast is a combination of all these efforts.

Our very first episode, The Roots of Everythingfocuses on how the environment is not just one among many different justice issues in the world. It's one that sits at the root of many other issues. It's possible to create a wide web of change by starting with the environment.

The environment is a root cause of many justice issues.

The environment is a root cause of many justice issues.

Here's where to listen:

If you're already a big podcast listener, then you should have no trouble finding us.

Just look for us wherever you get your podcasts by searching for 'grassroots'– all one word.

If you're new to the format, you can easily get started. While we're available on a number of different podcast services, you really only need to find us on one of them. Apple Podcasts and Spotify seem to be two of the most popular, but you'll discover your personal preferences soon enough.

Our interns Josh and Dani put together a helpful video walkthrough to show you how to subscribe:

Here's a quick walkthrough if you want to subscribe on your phone using Spotify or Apple Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts

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And if you prefer to use your computer, you can do that as well!

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Here's how you can support our show.

Our show will only be a success if it's heard by a wide number of people. This is where you can help us.

1) Spread the word!

Tell a friend. Email our episodes. Get other people to also listen.

The more times listeners stream a podcast episode, then the easier it becomes for new listeners to discover that show.

This is why every listener counts!

2) Leave us a rating and review

Not every podcast service allows for this, but on the ones that do, this helps a lot.

The more a podcast gets high ratings and comments, the more likely it is to be visible whenever people look for new shows through categories.

This is especially true on Apple Podcasts where you can leave us a five star review and a comment.

3) Share on social media

Almost every podcast service has options to share episodes on social media.

For example, on Spotify, you can click the '•••' that appears next to each episode. Scroll down the menu to find share, then click it to find ways to share an episode to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Stories.

All these shares really help!

Thank you so much for your continued support of our work, including our efforts to spread and raise awareness. Now go check out Episode One! The Roots of Everything

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