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Ross Boone: a Picture of the Invisible

December 19, 2018

Meet Ross Boone AKA Raw Spoon

This month we’re teaming up with Ross Boone, an Atlanta-based artist and illustrator. We’re also featuring him as our Supporter of the Month!

Raw Spoon is Ross Boone’s artist name- and if you’re not sure why, then try reading that sentence out loud. His work uses the gentleness and playfulness of cartoonlike imagery to introduce significant, sometimes-complex, and often challenging themes. His overall mission is to use his art to help people fall in love with their creator.

Ross’ work has been featured in a number of places, but perhaps most visibly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where a mural of his inspired by The Last Supper is prominently displayed on a large city wall. The piece challenges followers of Jesus to think about those He dedicated his life to spending time with, and how that would look in our present world. He has also written and illustrated the children’s book Squire & Daniel: a story about losing your friend.

Ross Boone's art brings up big themes in an approachable way.

Ross Boone's art brings up big themes in an approachable way.

Connecting over beauty and service.

As an artist, beauty and wonder play prominent roles in how Ross goes about his work. This creates plenty of common ground with Plant With Purpose, as the organization inspires people around the world to care for the wonder of creation.

Ross is also committed to helping people through his work, largely by providing them with fresh ways of thinking of spiritual concepts through his visuals. The desire to serve others creates even further common ground with Plant With Purpose.

“It is exciting to me to support "Plant with Purpose" and their mission because I believe that not only should art be beautiful, but it should motivate us to make this world more beautiful,” explains Ross. “That is what Plant with Purpose does and they do it in such a strategic, tangible way. That's why it is a huge privilege to be invited to help them make this world more beautiful by giving what I have to give.”

Ross Boone is based in Atlanta.

Ross Boone is based in Atlanta.

We’re teaming up to spread our most important messages.

This month, we’re teaming up with Ross to spread some of our most important ideas. Plant With Purpose operates under a few core beliefs. We believe in standing with the vulnerable. We believe that there is no us versus them. And we believe in addressing root causes.

These are big ideas. They aren’t always easy to live out, and they aren’t always easy to communicate. That’s why we’re thrilled to have the help of a gifted artist to help us bring these ideas to life. We will be releasing videos featuring Ross’ behind-the-scenes process of representing these concepts visually, along with a special line of Plant With Purpose X Raw Spoon merchandise.

To watch our collaboration with Ross, make sure you're signed up for our e-newsletter. And stay tuned for our soon-to-be-relaunched store where you’ll be able to order these pieces as prints!

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