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Bob works with farmers and team members around the world to help develop the tools, knowledge, and processes needed to address environmental and economic challenges. He loves getting the opportunity to learn from the farmers and teammates he works alongside as they apply their energy, ingenuity, curiosity, and creativity and come up with practical solutions.

Bob is the coauthor of a peer-reviewed paper about the resilience of smallholder farmers, and he has personally planted over 60,000 trees. Bob has a history of dedicated problem solving, even when he was in ninth grade, getting up at 6:00am every morning before school to deliver newspapers so he could pay for and build his own telescope. Bob has a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture and a Masters of Science in Forest Genetics, and he speaks Spanish, Swahili, and Haitian Kreyol. When he’s not working, Bob enjoys canoeing, paddle making, and memorization. 

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