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Bri loves that her job revolves around all things “tree” at Plant With Purpose. Day-to-day, this looks like researching tree-funding opportunities, writing proposals and reports, and sharing partner farmers’ inspiring stories of incorporating trees into their farms and income streams. Bri’s favorite parts of the job are collaborating with her peers and wrangling words, as she seeks the best way to share our heart and methods with funders.

Bri holds degrees in Psychology and Natural Resources, a minor in Technical Writing, and a certificate in Global Studies from the University of Kentucky. Bri knows nothing about basketball or bourbon but does know that Kentucky has the friendliest farmers’ markets and that bluegrass music grows on you. She’s always down to chat about both of these things. Now living in San Diego, Bri spends a lot of time reading an eclectic mix of books, planning travel to visit family and friends, and hike-running in search of views with her husband, Pete.

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