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Doug represents our work with foundations, businesses and other organizations, by building a support system for our work to thrive. Through building strategic partnerships, his role is pivotal in helping us achieve our goals. Doug is passionate about the challenge to build bridges between our mission and the missions of other organizations, so that we may all move forward together in our visions. 

One of Doug’s proudest accomplishments has involved working with Terramatch and World Resource Institute to have our work in the Congo recognized as one of the top 20 organizations doing restoration work in Africa. He has also worked with the whole team to launch our 2015 Expansion Campaign, which provided funding to double the number of families we serve and to begin working in the Congo and Ethiopia. Doug graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in history. He later attended Fuller Seminary, earning his Master of Divinity. Doug loves  spending time outdoors, especially skiing, fishing and hiking. He enjoys planning trips and having an exciting experience to look forward to.

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