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As the Country Director for Malawi, Elizabeth works as a servant leader for the hard-to-reach communities across the country. She is passionate about adding value to community-based resilience methodologies and contributing to the narrative of positive human stories within rural Malawi.

Elizabeth has been serving rural communities for over 30 years now and loves being part of their transformative stories. She is proud of her accomplishment in setting up Pump Aid Malawi in 2008, which still serves communities in Malawi today. In 2011, Elizabeth was also one of the first Directors who set up Malawi Mangoes, a start-up socio-economic agro-processing business with a component of mango farming outreach, serving over 5,000 smallholder farmers in the Salima District of Malawi. Elizabeth holds multiple degrees and diplomas in the areas of Business Administration and Leadership, Rural and Urban Planning, Project Management, and Participatory Environmental Appraisal, and is currently a Ph.D. student at UNICAF University.

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