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As Deputy Country Director, Emile’s role is to ensure the implementation of the program through our three components: Environmental Restoration, Economic Empowerment and Spiritual Renewal. These three components work with the grassroots groups of the watersheds to reduce poverty in rural areas through an integrated program that contributes to holistic transformation of the community. What excites Emile most is to see how the programs utilize these tools to achieve a transformation of human lives.

Before stepping into his role as Deputy Country Director, he was our Economic Empowerment Coordinator. He believes that with our integrated program, the Spiritual Renewal aspect has greatly impacted the behavior of our participants so much so that we have not recorded any cases of theft or misunderstanding. In addition, he is very proud of the progress from income generating activities in the sub-watershed of Mutsindozi, where we are able to see how incomes have increased after only 2 years. Emile has a Master's Degree in Community Based Development, and loves to sing, play the guitar and worship God while doing so.

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