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Melissa shares the work and impact of Plant with Purpose with new and longtime supporters. She loves to walk alongside our partners who together are transforming lives, reversing rural poverty, and inspiring hope through our holistic approach. She delights in connecting individuals, families, churches, and foundations with our mission and building and strengthening these special relationships.

Melissa earned her Master’s of Science degree in Health Promotion Management from American University and a Bachelor's degree from UCLA. She served as executive director of three health-related organizations, including a presidential appointment at a federal government agency within the Department of Health & Human Services in Washington, D.C. Her work has allowed her the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural, international initiatives, including a program for Jordanian children and a mentorship program to advance the impact of women leaders in Egypt. She also served two other faith-based non-profits that restore hope by caring for vulnerable people in crisis. As a global health advocate, she is thrilled to work for an organization that addresses rural poverty alleviation by connecting healthy environments to healthy communities. Melissa enjoys living in her Southern California hometown and loves to travel around the country visiting family and friends.

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