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Within the International Programs department, Taylore is a member of the Africa team where she works closely with the Regional Director and our partners in Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Tanzania to provide comprehensive operational support to our programs. As the steward of program data, she is primarily focused on establishing, refining, and maintaining data and management systems to ensure high-quality programming both regionally and globally. Taylore also manages both internal and external reporting and works closely with other departments to ensure the impact of our programs is presented clearly and accurately.

Taylore has extensive previous experience supporting global projects, including fieldwork in Africa, Asia, and Europe, and holds a BA in Government from CSU Sacramento and MA in International Relations from the University of Queensland in Australia. She is particularly passionate about empowering local communities and identifying ways to better achieve gender inclusion and equality. Taylore resides in San Diego and, outside of work, loves to travel and is a self-proclaimed foodie that seeks out great cuisine both at home and abroad.

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