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As Strategic Initiatives Manager, Valerie is pursuing new tree-planting partnerships and exploring the carbon market. As more corporations seek to become net-zero, Valerie is creating opportunities for them to equip our partnering farmers, as they plant trees and restore their watersheds, in an exciting new revenue stream. This will help us grow significantly to achieve our THRIVE 25 goals. 

Valerie began her journey on our team as the first Regional Representative in Houston, Texas in 2016. Valerie spent 5 years joyfully building a local community of partnerships with many new families, churches and foundations to support the global work of Plant With Purpose. Previously, Valerie was an Advocacy Advisor with Save the Children International in New York where she successfully influenced various UN resolutions related to maternal, newborn/child health as well as child migrant rights. Valerie's husband is from Australia and together they are parents to triplet toddler boys. After 10 years living in the U.S. (New York and Houston), she's excited to be back in her hometown, Toronto, Canada.

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