Dominican Republic – Redemptive agriculture and the purpose of trees

In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has one of the fastest growing economies. This growth, however, has not been experienced by many of its rural communities. In fact, over half of rural communities in the country live below the poverty line. As the Dominican Republic continues to grow in wealth, a growing gap between the rich and the poor leaves the poorest 10 percent of families with less than 2 percent of the country's income.

In rural communities, poverty is linked directly to environmental degradation. Deforestation and unsustainable practices exhaust the soil and bring down crop production. The farmers we have instrumental in planting millions of trees, and significantly slowing deforestation nationally. Plant With Purpose partners closely with the Dominican government in large scale reforestation efforts. Savings groups are increasing the economic well-being of families. Through church mobilization initiatives, local congregations are working with community members to meet needs through locally-led efforts. 

1984 Year Established

Floresta Incorporada Local Partner

Durbel Lora Country Director

12,069,840 Trees Planted

205 Savings Groups

$1,507,346 Savings Group Member Equity

135 Church Partnerships

6,547 Participating Families

155 Participating Communities

Reforestation is powerful in the Dominican Republic's poorest communities.

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Empowering Rural Communities