Ethiopia – Church partnerships reverse deforestation

The Ethiopian highlands are the largest mountain complex in Africa. Long-term human occupation, accompanied by sedentary agriculture, extensive cattle herding, and consistent population pressure, has resulted in extensive deforestation and environmental degradation in the region.

In 2018 Plant With Purpose launched a program to partner with farming families near the upper Blue Nile in the Andabet woreda in Amhara. The project will be led by a team of qualified nationals and supported by U.S.-based technical staff.

As we launch our program in Ethiopia, Plant With Purpose will partner with farming families in the Andabet woreda, as well as local churches, schools, and other organizations, in order to implement a holistic model of community development. This model comprises economic empowerment, environmental restoration, and spiritual renewal.

Local farmers in Andabet recognize the problems of erosion, encroachment into church forests, decreased yields, water table levels, and water availability, and thus want to work with Plant With Purpose. Based on the foundation of long years of research and relationships, established local leaders in administration and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church have welcomed the Plant With Purpose watershed transformation approach. 


2018 Year Established

Plant With Purpose Ethiopia Local Partner

Getnet Tareke Pilot Project Manager

299,767 Trees Planted

40 Savings Groups

$9,461 Total Savings Group Member Equity

26 Church Partnerships

786 Participating Families

90 Participating Communities

Farming families are being empowered in the highlands of Ethiopia.

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