Trees Are Vital

Our planet was created to thrive with healthy forests. In addition to including some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, forests provide oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. They also provide nutrients and stability to soil to help the growth of other plants and are key to the water cycle. Deforestation is one of the world’s most urgent, ongoing threats.

Half of the world’s tropical forests have already been cleared and at the rate we’re going, in less than a century there will be no more rainforests. We are working to reverse this. To date, Plant With Purpose has planted over 28 million trees around the world and has had an important role in halting deforestation. While the earth loses forest cover, the opposite is true in places where we work.

Our Activities

Tree Nurseries
Community tree nurseries provide tree seedlings to be used in reforestation on family farms and their surrounding hillsides. Plant With Purpose trains nursery committees on how to prepare seeds, how to properly shade the young seedlings, and when to plant them.
Trees heal eroded and barren hillsides, which makes them more productive for local farmers. They are vital for preventing soil erosion, and they can restore soil by bringing buried nutrients to the surface, and scattering leaves that return organic materials to the soil.
Agroforestry is the process of incorporating trees into agriculture systems. This can make farming both more productive and more sustainable. Trees help provide shade and nutrients to food crops, while holding soil on steep plots of land while providing many of the same ecosystem services as the native forests.

Caring for creation by restoring life and land.

To address the root causes behind deforestation, Plant With Purpose also helps farmers gain sustainable agriculture knowledge. As this increases their income, the practice of cutting trees loses its appeal.

Farmer Field Schools allow local farmers to gain the skills and knowledge needed to make sustainable agriculture practices a new normal. Learned farming practices help people as well as the planet.