About Us

Plant With Purpose is an international Christian nonprofit organization working at the intersection of poverty alleviation, environmental restoration, and spiritual renewal.

We are committed to holistic sustainable development through local empowerment, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, building economic resilience, and restoring relationships throughout all of creation.

Our Impact

Plant With Purpose’s programs equip farming families around the world to increase farm yields, heal damaged ecosystems, improve nutrition, and increase household savings and opportunities. This integrated approach solves two major issues facing the world today: environmental degradation and rural poverty.


Impact Matters

Every three years, our team conducts an in-depth impact study applying evaluation best practices. Research was further validated through comparison to our prior triennial analysis (2015-2017) which indicates consistency of results and trends.


Triennial Reporting

Study Years Reporting Year
2015-2017 2018
2018-2020 2021

Research Methodology

Process Methodology Tools
Participatory Workshops Community members share their experiences through mapping exercises and tools to help identify key changes in the watershed Mapping exercises
Facilitated discussion
Regional Surveys Random sampling was applied, resulting in a total sample size of 4,225 households. Sample size supports a 95% level of confidence Difference in Differences Study
Household surveys comparing participating and nonparticipating groups and regions over time
Remote Sensing Forest/vegetation density and health NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and % Tree Cover
Measures vegetation change using satellite imagery

Communities reverse deforestation.

Participating communities add up to one percent vegetation cover every 7.9 years.

Participant families grow more food.

Sustainable agriculture techniques increase farm yields by 44 percent.

Participant families build savings.

A typical participating family has savings for twice as many months than a nonparticipant family.

Participant families act out their faith.

Families in Plant With Purpose programs provide help to their neighbors 20 percent more often.


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