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In a country where less than 2% of the original forest remains, the connection between poverty and deforestation is in plain sight. Families often resort to selling charcoal out of desperation, further degrading vulnerable farm and forest land and continuing the cycle of poverty in Haiti and hunger. 

Civil unrest, violence, and natural disasters pose constant threat to the Haitian people, but Plant With Purpose farmers have shown great resilience.

Plant With Purpose in Haiti

Plant With Purpose has been focused on long-term solutions in Haiti through sustainable community development since 1997. The success and resilience of our partners in Haiti has been proven through exceeded goals for savings groups, tree planting, and farmer training in the face of challenges most recently including COVID-19, political unrest, gang violence, and natural disasters.

Security and Resilience

Through partnership with Plant With Purpose, smallholder farming families plant trees, implement soil conservation methods, and prevent erosion. Savings groups enable participants to both create a financial buffer against difficult times, and to create business capital. And through the sense of personal value and agency that comes through spiritual renewal, our partners have hope, even in the face of the political, natural and economic challenges now facing Haiti.

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Meet Some of Our Partners from Haiti

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Dorcilus finds joy standing under the trees he planted.

Dorcilus finds joy standing under the trees he planted.

My name is Dorcilus. I have been a participant of a Purpose Group in Cornillon for 4 years. I am very happy and proud to talk about my wonderful experience with Plant With Purpose. In fact, I did not have the opportunity to go to an agriculture school before, but thanks to the training in soil conservation techniques, tree nursery, composting, grafting, and natural pesticides that I received from Plant With Purpose, I do feel very proud to consider myself a capable agriculture technician. It is delightful for me to stand under the trees that I planted on my first farm when it is raining and observe that the light rain cannot spray me, so dense is the tree cover on my farm. That is why, this quarter, thanks to the encouragement and instruction I received from Plant With Purpose staff, I have been devoted to planting about 2,000 trees close to this beautiful farm in other areas to create more impact in Haiti.

An invitation from a friend.

An invitation from a friend.

Dales is a farmer in Fonds-Verettes, Haiti with the dream of building a small home for his family. Despite some money from his crops, he was not yet able to achieve his goal.

“One friend used to tell me about all the benefits he had from his Purpose Group. I did not believe him because I knew nothing was sustainable in the community. However, I could see a lot of change in the lands and in the house of my friend.”

Eventually, Dale decided to take a chance and join his friend’s Purpose Group. Dale was able to achieve his goal of building a home after receiving only his second loan.

“Who would believe I achieved my goal so soon? Plant With Purpose is really committed to helping rural people in poverty make participative and sustainable development. My lands are skillfully farmed. I have access to my group for savings and loans. I am now living inside a great family. I have pride and dignity, thanks to Plant With Purpose.”

Support from her community helped Marie after her husband’s illness and funeral.

Support from her community helped Marie after her husband’s illness and funeral.

My name is Marie. I have been a member of a Purpose Group in Cornillon for nine years. After being sick for a long time, my husband died in November 2020. To take care of him during his illness and to organize his funeral, I had to spend a lot of money that I did have. Thanks to my savings group, I was able to get a loan to help me face the bad situation. But I also had a lot of debt to pay back. My community was so moved by my situation that they collected 25,000 gourdes in order to help me. I was very surprised because I did not know the extent of what it means to belong in this great humanitarian family created by Plant With Purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haiti is currently experiencing a high level of political unrest that does provide risks to our teams in Port-Au-Prince and as they mobilize to our targets areas. However, the remote areas where we implement our program are safe to operate. We are taking all necessary precautions to reduce exposure and risks.
We are consulting with crisis management organizations. As a policy, we do not take unnecessary risk, and our teams maintain a low profile. We are in constant communication with other organizations and partners in the field to assess risks day-by-day.
What we provide is not aid but sustainable development. We have seen incredible impact in the lives of individuals, families, and communities, with entire communities significantly reducing their poverty and ecosystems beginning to recover. The testimonies of transformation motivates us to continue to bring hope, one person and one household at a time. While we cannot directly impact the political unrest, we believe our watershed model will continue to bring environmental, economic, and spiritual hope to the people of Haiti.

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  • 34 Purpose Groups
  • 1,634 People Served
  • 57 Church Partnerships
  • 1,439,264 Trees Planted
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  • 275 Church Partnerships
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  • 55 Church Partnerships
  • 535,574 Trees Planted
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  • 284 Purpose Groups
  • 39,944 People Served
  • 147 Church Partnerships
  • 14,285,179 Trees Planted
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    Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • 369 Purpose Groups
  • 88,370 People Served
  • 127 Church Partnerships
  • 2,967,355 Trees Planted
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  • 540 Purpose Groups
  • 77,896 People Served
  • 159 Church Partnerships
  • 7,378,105 Trees Planted
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