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Three years ago, we launched in Northern California and Texas

February 15, 2019

This spring marks the three year anniversary of Plant With Purpose hubs in Northern California and Texas.

After seeing lots of enthusiasm from supporters and donors in that region, Plant With Purpose decided to open two fundraising hubs. The goal was to work more closely with these supporting donors, churches, and foundations, and to increase Plant With Purpose's presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Greater Houston Area. After much prayer, strategic planning, and decision making, we established these two sites in early 2015. Dave Luebkeman and Valerie Foulkes joined the team as regional representatives, and since then, even more churches, businesses, families, individuals, students, pastors, foundations, and others have joined our local networks.

Serving as a regional representative is a privilege, but it also a lot of hard work. After three years of stewarding relationships, taking donors on Vision Trips to Tanzania, Mexico, and beyond, and providing our office with his signature white chocolate ginger snaps, Dave Luebkeman has learned much about following God in the world of international development.

Dave & Valerie on a Vision Trip in Mexico

Dave & Valerie on a Vision Trip in Mexico

Here's what "Bay Dave," as we know him, has to share:

  • Obedience to God removes self-imposed pressure to perform.
  • If you think you know someone’s needs by looking at their circumstances, think again.
  • When traveling in the developing world, expect chaos, and roll with it.
  • When truly trusting God, seeing His path isn’t necessary to know I’m on it.
  • Hunger suppresses creativity.
  • God’s creation is incredibly resilient.
  • When it comes to providing for their children, moms are risk-takers.
  • A person empowered to change their circumstances lives with dignity.
  • When there’s no clear answer, always ask God for input.
  • Educating young girls is key to solving world problems.
  • Not seeing the fruits of my labor doesn’t mean I labored in vain.
  • Hope changes everything.

I am very grateful Plant With Purpose asked me to join their team! What a blessing!

Do you live in the Bay Area or in Houston? Want to get connected to our reps? Click here to send Dave or Valerie an email!

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