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January 6, 2018

Lasting transformation doesn't happen through economic growth or healed environments, but through reconciled relationships with a loving God. To foster spiritual renewal, Plant With Purpose equips local churches to lead spiritual change in their communities.

Plant With Purpose currently partners with over 600 churches, empowering them to disciple their congregations and meet the needs of their communities. Plant With Purpose families frequently share stories of growing deeper faith, walking with God in their daily lives and not just at church. Participants are more likely to say that their faith sustains them during challenging circumstances. They are leaning in and growing deeper.

As people grow in faith, they also gain a greater understanding of their unique skills and talents. They feel empowered and are more likely to come together to mobilize change. They serve their neighbors, helping to lend a hand to those in need.

As Pedro in the Dominican Republic explains, "Plant With Purpose has given us a hand up.  We have seen great growth in our farms, our savings, and our faith." 

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A seed of faith can lead to a forest

Plant With Purpose communities act out their faith by caring for their land. Many families share that as they learn to properly care for and nurture the soil, they gain a greater understanding of how God has loved them and provided for their needs from the very start. Environmental restoration becomes an act of worship. 

"Faith and the environment have a great bond because God created the world for man and for his sustenance. God created the earth, the water, the air and the nature itself and tell me. Who can live without it? God created us and we are part of nature, God loves us, because of this we have to love nature."
–Pedro, Palmarito, Dominican Republic

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