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God is very much alive

February 23, 2019

Has God ever felt quiet to you?

God is always present and near. But that doesn’t mean it always feels that way. Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, there may be long stretches of silence and seasons that feel unusually dry.

Sometimes, our relationship with God can feel like going on a long road trip with a friend. There are times where you both may stay silent, simply taking in the scenery together or indulging in a podcast. But what if the car were to suddenly veer out of control, the road become dangerous, or the weather turn stormy—and your friend remained silent?

Consider the story of Jesus asleep on a boat as his disciples tried to sail through a storm. During life’s storms, it may be confusing as to why God seems to be quiet. We are promised God’s presence, but we don’t always get an easy explanation of what’s going on. Then He calms the storm—and we’re simply amazed at how the winds and waves obey their Maker.

This is the situation one of our friends in the Dominican Republic found himself in.

A row of saplings

A row of saplings

Lucas wondered if God was even alive.

The village of Maizal sits an hour away from the nearest major road. There, you won’t find any banks, grocery stores, or commercial areas. Instead, you'll be greeted by colorful houses and small kiosks operated by families.

It isn’t uncommon for people in villages like these to feel forgotten.

The people of Maizal rely on farming for their survival. Cocoa and coffee are the main sources of income. The community also relies on the local river to keep the land healthy and soil fertile. Without trees, however, the path of the river becomes uncertain and unreliable, making life difficult for the farmers.

This was the case for Lucas Frías de Los Santos. He admits that he once believed God was dead, convinced by the difficulty of his circumstances. Making a life for his wife and children was an unbelievable struggle, and his farm did not produce enough to feed his family. The tension started to cause division in the community.

Lucas Frias

Lucas Frías

He now believes life is only found in God.

Through partnership with Plant With Purpose, God appeared to Lucas in the form of tangible resources like seeds and access to loans. Though most farmers in Maizal don’t make much money, they are multiplying their resources through wise stewardship. “We have learned that what little we earn, we must save,” says Lucas. “It is the most important thing I have participated in.”

As Lucas received training in sustainable agriculture, he recognized the importance of environmental stewardship. “I learned to value the environment, which is part of God’s creation.” As Lucas practiced caring for creation, he discovered a growing love for the Creator. And as he practiced soil conservation, organic fertilization, and crop diversification with his neighbors, his farm production increased.

Lucas says, “Plant With Purpose has helped me understand the immense love that God has for me. I have grown in faith and acknowledge that there is life only in God. He is far from dead.”

Plant With Purpose’s partners are committed to practicing restoration in their land and lives. They benefit greatly from sustained support. Want to empower them on a monthly basis? Learn more about becoming a Purpose Partner.

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