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Plant With Purpose is a member of the Global EverGreening Alliance

June 4, 2020

Jun. 4, 2020

Plant With Purpose excitedly announces its role as a member of the Global EverGreening Alliance.

The Global EverGreening Alliance is a not-for-profit platform established to facilitate a collaborative approach to address the global problems of food insecurity, rural poverty, climate change, and land degradation.

Together with its members, the Global EverGreening Alliance develops and implements long-term solutions at a globally significant scale. (From the GEA site)

About the Alliance

The Global EverGreening Alliance works with, and through, its numerous member organizations – and with governments and multi-lateral agencies – to implement massive land restoration programs. In so doing, the Alliance fosters collaboration, learning, sharing and harmonization across institutions, sectors and borders.

The Global EverGreening Alliance also focuses on intensive farming that integrates trees into crop and livestock production systems, which is also a key focus of Plant With Purpose's program. Key EverGreening initiatives include:

  • Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR)
  • Assisted Natural Regeneration
  • Fertilizer Trees and Shrubs
  • Evergreen Energy
One of the flagship projects of the Alliance is Restore Africa. Restore Africa seeks to massively upscale EverGreening solutions in degraded lands across Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Our work with pastoral, agricultural, and forest adjacent communities in Tanzania and Ethiopia further these goals.

Our partnership means greater collaboration between our team and other members. These include WorldVision, Care, Catholic Relief Services, and many other organizations. We support and endorse the vision, mission, and goals of the Global EverGreening Alliance and take pride in our association.

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