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Plant With Purpose Announces Milmer Martinez Vergara as Vice President of International Programs

November 20, 2023

Seasoned executive will oversee global program operations at the intersection of community development and environmental restoration

November 20, 2023 - The role of Vice President of International Programs at Plant With Purpose is pivotal, shaping the organization's global impact. This leadership position is responsible for overseeing and advancing all international programs in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia, ensuring they support the organization’s Theory of Change to transform lives and restore ecosystems. It also plays a vital role in driving Plant With Purpose's initiatives worldwide, fostering partnerships, and spearheading innovative strategies to further equip rural communities and care for the Earth.

Martinez Vergara is excited about his new role and the opportunities it presents.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to co-develop with our global partners a future and a process where we reach all nations and all peoples.” he said. “Our work is more critical and needed than ever, and we believe that we have the moral imperative of expanding our mission and facilitating positive change in the lives and natural ecosystems that sustain them.”

Prior to his appointment as Vice President of International Programs, Martinez Vergara was Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He holds an undergraduate degree in biology and free-ranging dolphin behavior and a graduate degree in Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Genetics. His background in conservation biology and his unique blend of scientific and international development experience has been instrumental in Plant With Purpose's mission to catalyze the restoration of natural ecosystems while facilitating the development of resilient rural communities.

Plant With Purpose is confident that Milmer's leadership and expertise will propel the organization forward as it strives to address the intertwined challenges of poverty and environmental degradation.


About Plant With Purpose: Plant With Purpose is a leading Christian environmental organization and is dedicated to reversing deforestation and poverty by transforming the lives of rural farmers. Applying a 100% locally-led, Community Designed Restoration©  model, over the past 40 years Plant With Purpose’s integrated solutions have resulted in more than a half million people reversing their poverty,  60 million+ trees planted, and 2.7 million acres of land being restored or protected. With local programs in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malawi, Mexico, Tanzania and Thailand, Plant With Purpose has a global team of more than 500. For more information about Plant With Purpose and its mission, please visit

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