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Plant With Purpose’s Board of Directors Recognized For Their Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership

January 24, 2023
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Plant With Purpose, a global Christian development organization, is excited to announce that they have been selected as a 2023 winner of the prestigious Kaleidoscope Award for Good Governance by The University of San Diego Nonprofit Institute. “This year’s Kaleidoscope Awards recognize exemplary nonprofit board leadership during a particularly challenging few years,” said Emily Young, Executive Director of The Nonprofit Institute. “We believe it is important to highlight the role that strong and effective governance plays in ensuring that nonprofits can extend their missions for the greatest good of our communities.”

As a global organization working at the intersection of poverty and environmental restoration, Plant With Purpose has spent almost 40 years committed to assisting rural communities to combat poverty and restore their land. Over this time, the organization has planted over 50 million trees across eight countries and restored hope to tens of thousands of partnering families. These accomplishments are largely in part to the exceptional governance of the board of directors nonprofit leadership. 

“Our current board of directors is the best that I’ve ever been privileged to work with,” said Scott Sabin, Chief Executive Officer of Plant With Purpose. “They are collaborative, collegial without neglecting their oversight responsibilities or their fiduciary duties. They’re challenging the status quo, helping us to be continually better.”

Plant With Purpose is proud to be recognized for our strong leadership. We are also excited to see how this leadership will guide us over the years as we cast a vision for the future and aim to impact the lives of one million people. 

Current members of the Plant With Purpose Board of Directors include: 

Jeff Busby

Cindy Chen

Steve Dhanens

Judy Enns 

Jan Farley

Jeff Kahler

Eric Kaiser

Scott Sabin

Darrell Shrader

John Steel

Sebastian Mathews

Curtis Robinson

Cindy Outlaw

About Plant With Purpose: Plant With Purpose is a leading Christian environmental organization. Working in nine countries, Plant With Purpose is spearheading initiatives for environmental restoration, poverty alleviation, and spiritual renewal. Through a holistic model focused on community-led innovation and leadership, global communities are equipped to reverse structural and environmental causes of rural poverty. To learn more visit

About the University of San Diego Non Profit Institute: The Nonprofit Institute provides education, training and research to strengthen organizations that help meet community needs. The Nonprofit Institute’s work represents a broader commitment by the University of San Diego to serve as an anchor institution dedicated to benefitting our region. Visit the link to learn more about the Kaleidoscope Award for Good Governance.

One comment on “Plant With Purpose’s Board of Directors Recognized For Their Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership”

  1. Congratulations to you all, such an honor to hear and how privileged we are at HOPE International to have you as partners in sharing the Gospel and alleviating poverty!

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