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Plant With Purpose Speaks to Devastation in Haiti Following Earthquake

August 18, 2021

In response to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, Plant With Purpose made the following statement. Plant With Purpose has been in Haiti since 1997. Now partnering with almost 78,000 people across the nation, including the Sud-Est department -- not far from the earthquake’s epicenter.

“This is a devastating event in terms of loss of life, destruction of property and injuries. It has also been an emotionally traumatic event affecting everyone in the country, and throughout the region, triggering the memory of the 2010 earthquake.,” said Plant With Purpose CEO Scott Sabin.

U.S.-based Plant With Purpose leadership has been in regular contact with our country director since the earthquake, who reports that our staff of 38 on the ground has all been accounted for and they are assessing potential damage and checking in with our partner families, most of whom live outside the primary Haiti earthquake impact area. “While we were not impacted directly, we are prepared to support local efforts as needed,” said Paraison. The team is also preparing for tropical storms that continue to buffet the island.“We stand with Haiti and pray for its people and leadership including the newly appointed prime minister Ariel Henry, as well as those that are supporting the recovery and relief efforts,” said Sabin. Haiti is a country that in the past decades and recent months has been impacted by tremendous instability and catastrophic events, including the assassination of president Jovenel Moise last month. “Despite these challenges, we know that the Haitians are resilient people,” said Sabin. “We will continue to partner with Haitian families to rise above even these tragic and difficult circumstances,” he concluded.

Plant With Purpose has worked for 24 years promoting long-term economic, environmental and spiritual support of Haiti through locally-led and community- based development efforts, and welcome support toward that work. We help families build resilience so they are better prepared for situations like this. We also encourage donors looking to support immediate relief needs to consider our friends at World Vision, World Relief or others who are more directly involved in emergency relief efforts.

UPDATE FOLLOWING TROPICAL STORM GRACE: Our country director reports that, though some areas in the Sud-Est department were highly affected with floods in communities close to our participant communities, we were spared. Our staff and participants have not reported any damages or injuries.

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