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January 17, 2024
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Ethical Jewelry Company supports environmental restoration through tree planting

Plant With Purpose, a leading international nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental restoration and community development, announces its new partnership with TeamPlanting, a jewelry business with a mission to ignite conversations and leave a lasting impact. 

TeamPlanting is the newest corporate partner to join a growing group of businesses and organizations dedicated to creating a better future for the planet and all people. TeamPlanting and all Plant With Purpose corporate partners stand against greenwashing. They commit to make every effort to move toward authentically sustainable and environmentally ethical practices in business. 

Operating in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia, Plant With Purpose partners with families to create sustainable change. This partnership will impact communities in key watershed areas through tree planting, regenerative agriculture training, savings groups, and spiritual encouragement. 

Over the past 35+ years, Plant With Purpose participants have planted over 60 million trees, one at a time. They call this approach: Community Designed Restoration©. This movement of locally-led tree growing is proven effective for long-term ecosystem restoration that also helps lift communities out of poverty.

The impact is real and measurable. Tree cover is increasing or stable in all of the watersheds where Plant With Purpose works, growing at a global average of .39% per year. Over three years, that is 2.7% greater than national trends representing 2.2 million acres of land protected or restored (as measured in the 2021 Impact Report).

When a tree is planted through Plant With Purpose, that tree is grown (often from seed) in a local nursery. It is then planted on farms, in communities, or in surrounding deforested land to restore soil providing food, shade, and shelter to people and animals within the ecosystem. The tree is cared for by community members and becomes a part of whole community restoration.


About Plant With Purpose: Plant With Purpose, a faith-based development organization, reverses deforestation and poverty around the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor. For more than 35 years, Plant With Purpose has been a leader in linking international community development and environmental solutions, working with smallholder farmers in strategic locations where environmental degradation and poverty intersect. Plant With Purpose currently works in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malawi, Mexico, Tanzania, and Thailand, and employs an integrated methodology that combines environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal. Activities include watershed restoration, reforestation, sustainable agriculture training, savings-and-loan groups, local leadership development, and outreach efforts with local houses of worship.

About TeamPlanting: TeamPlanting crafts meaningful jewelry that ignites conversations and leaves a lasting impact. The creations, meticulously fashioned from natural, recycled, and reclaimed materials, not only elevate aesthetics but also contribute to the preservation of delicate ecosystems.

Through your purchase, you support reforestation projects, habitat restoration, and recovery of areas damaged by forest fires. Together, we can create a future where humans and the environment can thrive together.


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