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Parenthood vs. Poverty

November 21, 2018

Being a parent means wanting the best for your children. This simple desire is present in parents no matter what part of the world they live in, and it allows parents from California to the Congo, from Haiti to Hollywood to relate to each other.

While all families want these same outcomes, not all will be as threatened by poverty as rural families in some of the most difficult countries to live on Earth. That said, Plant With Purpose is empowering parents, giving them the tools they need to fight poverty and to provide their children with a better life.

Parents can feed their children

“If you love your family, you can’t stand to see your kids in dirty clothes,” Messoyel told us. As he spoke, he was surrounded by his children in Haiti.

“If you love your family, you can’t stand to see your children suffering with hunger. I myself love to see when my children say ‘Daddy, I have a problem,’ and I am able to reach into my pocket and say ‘Here my child, I can help.’ This could make a child very happy.”

This used to be a challenge for Messoyel. Haiti faces the worst food insecurity in the western hemisphere, and its soil often doesn’t allow for crops to grow healthily. When he joined a Plant With Purpose group, he learned sustainable farming techniques to restore the soil on his farm and to grow enough to feed his family.

“When I look all around me, I see I’m not alone,” he explains.

Anastazie smiles in front of her farm in Kakumba.

Parents can put their kids in school

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most difficult places in the world to try and raise children. In addition to conflict and health issues, the ongoing challenge of poverty often leaves children without enough resources.

Education is a long-term solution for the country, so that future generations in the Congo will not face the same problems that their parents have known. Even that, however, is often out of reach. Many kids cannot attend school because their parents cannot afford school fees.

Plant With Purpose has started dozens of savings groups in the DRC to help families save money and to turn those savings into future opportunities. Anastazie once joined one of these groups and saw things change tremendously for her children.

“Before, my children ate once a day, but now my house eats two meals a day,” she explains. “I have taken a loan from our group to pay the school fees for my children. I am happy to have Plant With Purpose in our watershed.”

Danista and her family

Danista and her family

Parents can provide financial security

Financial security can be a difficult thing to come by in Tanzania, where parents in rural areas face some of the harshest forms of poverty. For a long time, that was the reality that Danista knew.

“I have seven children and eight grandchildren,” explained Danista. “Having a chicken project allowed my children to stay in school. All my grandchildren are girls, and now we can pay for school fees.”

“My husband is a retired pastor,” she noted. “He gives 10% of his income to the church. Neighbors desire to walk with God from seeing us. They see the way things have improved.”

She now looks to the future with excitement towards being able to provide an education for her grandchildren.

The ability to dream and plan for the future comes as financial security grows in rural areas. It is a privilege to help parents overcome the challenges of poverty.

You can be part of the transformation that enables families to overcome rural poverty. Parents around the world are extremely grateful for the support of our Purpose Partners. For $22 a month you can join the giving community. Learn how to sign up here!

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