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Davina, Tanzania: "Our livelihoods rely on farming"

At the center of her village in the Shengena East watershed of Tanzania, lives Davina, a determined single mother of five. She faces the challenges of parenting with unwavering strength. Three boys and two girls are not just her children, they are the pillars of her world. Life in her village presented numerous challenges, particularly […]
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Silvia, Tanzania: "My children are actively participating"

Silvia and her husband are farmers and traders. Her husband works as a farmer, while Silvia is a business woman. Silvia’s biggest challenge as a parent of four was having her daughter drop out of school. A child dropping out of school is a major stress on a parent, especially when it is a girl […]
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Hellen, Tanzania: "Education and safety are my prayers"

In the heart of a village in the Hai West watershed, Hellen began her journey of Transformation and entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Life had always been an uphill battle for Hellen and her family: her motorcycle-driving husband Lameck and their four children. Hellen labored as a small-scale vegetable seller, steady in her determination to provide for […]
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Magreth, Tanzania: "Education is a beacon of hope to other women"

Magreth is the wife of Stephano and the devoted mother of six children in the Saseni watershed of Tanzania. She works in agriculture, which serves as her family's primary source of income. For several years, she has actively participated in a Purpose Group to help her children gain an education in Tanzania. Despite agriculture being […]
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Elisongoya, Tanzania: "A decision that opened doors..."

Elisongoya is a resilient 40-year-old farmer. The lives of Elisongoya, her husband, and their four children took a positive turn, thanks to Elisongoya's involvement in her Purpose Group. “Before joining the group, I worried a lot about my inability to provide for our family. My husband and I lacked a stable income which caused us […]
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Nafika, Tanzania: "I see a future well educated woman thriving in life"

Nafika is a 32-year-old single mother living in the Shengena West watershed. She is raising a 15-year-old daughter while working as a Tanzania farmer and entrepreneur and being an active member of a Purpose Group.  As a farmer she is involved in poultry and fish farming, caring for chickens and managing a fish pond. Nafika […]
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Catherine, Tanzania: I used to be so poor, but things have changed for the better

Catherine lives in the Sanya watershed of Tanzania. She describes her life before Plant With Purpose as normal, though what was normal in Sanya is what many of us would consider extremely difficult. The burdens of poverty made it difficult for her to provide the life she desired for her children. “I am 44, and […]
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Filomena: "I believed that God would help me."

Before Filomena partnered with Plant With Purpose, she was living an unhappy life.  “I was living very unhappy because I had to stay with my in-laws, underneath the same roof. I was unhappy because I was not comfortable doing anything that I wanted. I wanted to have my own house so that I could move […]
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Deborah: "I can get water anytime"

Deborah is a 36 year old woman married to a 38 year old husband, a member of a Purpose Group. They had been blessed with 3 children of whom two are daughters and one son.  Before she partnered with Plant With Purpose she was a housewife who did labor work in the village. “I was […]
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Dos Bocas to Zanzibar: A round-the-globe look at Plant With Purpose

It continues to be a busy and fruitful time for Plant With Purpose with many members of the team engaged in various activities "round the globe." Here's a quick look at some updates from our various partners around the world.
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Resti: "I was able to diversify my income and secure a brighter future for my loved ones.”

Resti is a 52-year-old wife and mother of four from Tanzania. Resti used to be a smallholder engaged in Tanzania farming, who relied on agriculture and small business to make ends meet and pay for her children's education. One day, she heard about Plant With Purpose from their facilitator at a village meeting and church. […]
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Azina: "I no longer had the fear of trying"

Azina joined a group called Plant With Purpose five years ago because her neighbor in the Saseni Watershed of Tanzania convinced her to because Tanzania poverty offers very few options. Her neighbor explained that the group manages their money well with the help of Plant With Purpose staff and Facilitators. Azina was impressed and believed […]
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Asanterabi: "I was able to save money that I used to build my new house."

Asanterabi is 58 years old, married to Luciana, and they have five children (three boys and two girls). They are also blessed with two grandchildren. They live in the mountains of Tanzania, where their livelihood in farming was threatened by soil erosion. He has been an active member of a Purpose Group for seven years. Before […]
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To Protect a Waterfall

Tanzania Purpose Groups engage the whole community to restore a community by protecting a waterfall and its water sources
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In the voices of our partners

One of the more complex nuances of working across different countries and cultures is storytelling and communication. When done poorly, organizations run several risks: from dehumanizing the people they seek to help to diminishing the role local actors play in advancing progress. In this post, CEO Scott Sabin shares how to allow our partners to […]
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