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To the ones who keep showing up

November 1, 2018

Trying to make an impact on the world isn’t an easy task. While change is possible, the process isn’t linear. There are ups and downs, setbacks, and moments of discouragement that every person who tries to make an impact faces.

That’s why a key trait of people who make a big difference is resilience and persistence. Those who make an impact are those who keep showing up. They know that it’s important to stay hopeful when things are difficult, and to be humble when things work out for the better.

It becomes much easier to keep showing up when you surround yourselves with others who do the same. Thankfully, Plant With Purpose’s work is driven by so many people who continue to show up in a variety of ways.

Tanzanian Program Director, Richard, spends time with the community.

Tanzanian Program Director, Richard, spends time with the community.

Local leaders keep showing up

While our team in the United States loves to visit our partners, on a day-to-day basis, you won’t typically find us overseas. In our partnering countries like Haiti and Tanzania, we allow locals to lead the work being done on the ground. Instead you’ll find a staff of locals who we seek to equip and empower.

This includes professionally trained agronomists who are are deeply familiar with both the ecosystems and cultures in their home country. This includes pastors like Sibomana, who uses his leadership to bring spiritual renewal and reconciliation to war-affected parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These leaders show up when disaster strikes, when threats of conflict arise, or when droughts and famine persist. They bring both skills and determination to meet the challenges at hand.

Consistency is key for savings group participants

Consistency is key for savings group participants

Program participants keep showing up

The farming communities that Plant With Purpose works in also demonstrate an incredible amount of resilience. These are communities that have seen some of the worst hardships our world faces. Many have gone for years without knowing if they’d be able to provide for their children. Many have worked through years of worsening environmental conditions, having to work harder and harder to grow less and less.

Showing up to participate in activities like agriculture training or savings group meetings is actually an act of faith. It means that after years of struggle, they retain a drive and desire to make things better. Our participants understand that the program alone won’t bring them out of poverty, but that their own hard work and investment is required. As a result, they are succeeding and thriving.

Purpose Partners are key to restoring communities

Purpose Partners are key to restoring communities

Purpose Partners keep showing up

None of our work would be possible without those who support and sustain it financially. Thankfully, we have a strong base of support from our Purpose Partners. Our monthly giving community helps to provide the means for new farmer field schools to open, church leaders to be trained, and savings groups to operate.

The regularity of their support also provides our international directors with the ability to make effective plans for the year ahead. Being able to anticipate resources at the start of each planning cycle allows community leaders to determine where to best focus their efforts so entire watersheds can be healed.

We are extremely thankful for the support of Purpose Partners and other generous donors and fundraisers. Their faithfulness in support has brought restoration to countless lives. Change does not happen overnight, but when those who keep showing up invest in others who keep showing up, communities can keep moving forward. To learn more about how you can support, visit our Purpose Partner page!

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