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This Earth Day, help restore Creation

March 13, 2019

The Wonder of Creation is still good.

The Story of Creation goes something like this:

God made beautiful things. He appreciated and admired them, and called them good.

We messed up. We invited sin, degradation, death, and disease to enter the picture.

Out of Love, Christ came. His death and resurrection began the process of restoring all things.

We’re now invited to play a role in this process of redemption and restoration.

Things are being made new again. When it’s all said and done, it’ll just be like the end of that first week, where God calls everything good.

Karolina and the women of her farmer field school share their stories.

Karolina and the women of her farmer field school share their stories.

It’s happening all over the world.

When you think about it, you’ll start to see a reflection of this redemption story everywhere you look. When living things die, be they plants, animals, or humans, their materials lend their nutrients to allow for new life to emerge. Whenever we die to our own selves and live sacrificially, it gives life to others. We can cheerfully make sacrifices that help restore justice, beauty, and creation.

When we hear stories of fathers giving up their drinking habits to start working for their families, we remember that we are being made new. When we hear of barren hillsides that are restored into being lush forests, we remember that the act of creation isn’t over. When we hear of former soldiers now leading their communities towards restoration, we remember that second chances are abundant.

When we are good stewards of the environment, and when we support our brothers and sisters across the globe in their efforts, and when we live in a way that shows love for all creation, we participate in the Wonder of Creation.

God delights in Creation

God delights in Creation

This Earth Day, we invite you to join our partners in restoring the Wonder of Creation.

This month, Dieula will be working hard to prevent soil erosion in Haiti so her community will never be devastated by a hurricane the way they were three years ago. Jah Cho will pass along his knowledge of sustainability so his children can enjoy a better life than he ever knew. Emma will continue to produce plenty of coffee so she can keep supporting her family and community.

All these efforts add up to make a big impact. What can we do to join them?

We invite you to seek out your own opportunities locally to restore your area.

We’re also giving you a pretty big opportunity to help them, and hundreds of other rural community members.

When you make a donation through the button at the top of this site, your gift will go towards helping their efforts in Haiti, Thailand, Tanzania, and beyond.

Not only that, but a matching donor will give an equal amount. That means your gift will go twice as far!

This is just one of many ways to participate in restoring Creation, but the donation matching will last for one week only! If you’d love to lend your support to creation through the hands of rural farming communities, just follow the link here!

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