Economic Empowerment Through Rural Microfinance

Many of the world's rural poor have no economic opportunities to save and don't have the luxury of thinking long-term. This often leads to decisions that make life even harder downstream. People need a place to save and invest money and a chance to take out loans to invest in farms, businesses, or education.

Through savings groups, Plant With Purpose participants discover a path to a better life for their families. Loans are to pay for school fees, improve housing, invest in farming capital or livestock, start small businesses, or cover medical expenses. This provides two financial resources that were previously unavailable– a safety net and an opportunity for future financial growth.

Our Savings Group Activities

Savings Groups
Money generated from within the savings groups builds a community's capacity to solve their own problems. The average Plant With Purpose family has twice the savings reserves of non-participating families. For the first time, families are finding that they can lend money to group members who pay back that money with interest. This interest accrues to the members savings accounts and is paid out to members at the end of the group cycle.
Lending Programs
Savings groups are a community-based banking and loan system. Plant With Purpose provides extensive training in group organization. Members draft their own bylaws, elect their own leaders, and set their own share price. Each week, when they attend meetings they save between one and five shares. Once they complete their trainings these shares are used to make loans to group members. The interest on those loans accrues to the savings accounts of the members.
Business Training
The farmers and entrepreneurs participating in the credit program receive training alongside access to credit so that they can take full advantage of the credit and expand the breadth and depth of their economic ventures. Finance workshops focus on accounting for business and personal finance. Business-focused workshops include customer service, marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

Making the Spiritual Connection

As families are economically empowered, they are able to make more decisions and are in a better position to help their families and neighbors. To encourage good decisions, we invest in the spiritual development of all our participants.

"In our first cycle, I just saved. No loans, but the second year, I took out a loan to help my husband pay for the children’s school fees... I was doing well with my past investments."