Haiti – Responding to poverty and the environment

In the third hungriest country in the world, only 2 percent of the original forest remains. The connection between poverty and deforestation is undeniable, especially for a population that relies on agriculture.

The world turned its eyes towards Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, but the devastation caused by frequent hurricanes and other storms often goes unnoticed. Storms hit Haiti often, but Plant With Purpose farmers have greatly reduced their vulnerability.

Through partnership, smallholder farming families in Haiti are anchoring the roots of hope both for today and tomorrow. By planting trees and implementing soil conservation methods, they are preventing erosion and ensuring better protection against natural disasters. By using sustainable agriculture methods that restore the land’s fruitfulness, they are increasing their food production and incomes. And by forming Village Savings and Loan Associations, they are creating financial safety nets.

1997 Year Established

4,588,442 Trees Planted

489 Savings Groups

$2,931,026 Total Savings Group Member Equity

100 Church Partnerships

11,859 Participating Families

146 Participating Communities

We build resilience against natural disasters through long-term solutions.

Our Global Impact

Resilience for the Vulnerable