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Rolling Up Your Sleeves for Creation Care

Perhaps you’ve been with us on the journey of environmental restoration for some time. You care deeply. You often look at the big picture of what environmental challenges look like across the globe. But for those wanting to get more involved, the big picture can sometimes look too broad.

If you’re the type of person who can’t sit idly by while our planet faces a variety of ecological issues, you’re likely looking for deeper ways to participate in restoration.

But how do you move closer to the issues? Especially when it feels like you live further away from the frontlines than you would like?

Pick an area of deep interest.

The environment is a broad topic, and there are so many different components to environmental restoration.

Environmental policy matters significantly. So does agriculture. Transportation and technology has a big impact on overall environmental health. Wildlife protection and ocean conservation are huge areas of interest. Plant With Purpose is especially focused on the intersection of poverty and the environment, as well as the task of reforestation.

If you want to have a deep impact, you are most likely to do so with more focus and by going deeper with a particular environmental issue.

That isn’t to say necessarily that one area of environmental restoration matters more than the other one. In fact, all are ultimately interlinked. However, as a single individual looking to get involved, finding one specific avenue to pursue often turns out to be more effective.

Go deep. Find the others who work in this space, read books and research, and give yourself the best education you can. Develop skills worth offering to communities and organizations working on those frontlines. You’ll find your niche.

Audit your small actions.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your daily habits and choices in the impact you’ll ultimately have on the environment. These small steps may feel less revolutionary than large-scale change, but the environment is affected for better or worse by a series of small actions.

One way to check for immediate ways to improve is to do a quick audit of your own life to see how sustainable or impactful your daily choices are.

Examine your choices when it comes to consumption, food, and transportation. Look at the items you use most frequently, and other habits. Be honest with yourself and look for ways to improve.

The point of this activity isn’t an exercise in guilt, but to look for simple areas where an improvement can be quickly made.

After a while, you may start to see sustainable living as less of a burden and more of a fun challenge. You look for other creative opportunities to upgrade items to more sustainable ones. Just take it one step at a time and have fun with it.

Clementina is on the front lines of environmental restoration in Tanzania

Clementina is on the front lines of environmental restoration in Tanzania

Empower those on the front lines.

Sometimes giving financially might feel less direct than more hands-on opportunities to support environmental renewal. But you shouldn’t underestimate the value of your contributions.

In fact, in many ways, the gift of your resources can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to help improve the planet’s health.

Plant With Purpose works with rural communities that plant over five million trees each year. That number continues to increase. The networks to make this happen are in place. Farmers across the world recognize the need for trees. A simple growth in the amount of resources available will help them scale these efforts up significantly.

And ultimately, the cost of planting a single tree comes to about a dollar. This is a relatively small amount given the positive ecological impact a tree has. A small price is enough to plant a small forest, and that goes a long way to improve lives.

Never underestimate the value of our small actions. You might be surprised with how far they reach.

You can help plant a small forest every month for just $22. Learn more about how to become a Purpose Partner.

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