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Haiti: A Nation in Crisis, Yet Resilient and Hopeful

The story of Haiti is one of struggle, resilience, and hope amid often dire circumstances. This Caribbean nation has endured a long history of escalating violence, political instability, economic hardship, and the devastating impact of natural disasters. However, the people of Haiti refuse to succumb to despair even with their nation in crisis. Instead, they persist, showing incredible resilience and determination in the face of overwhelming odds.

A History of Misfortune

In order to grasp this current nation in crisis, it is essential to first recognize its turbulent past. In 1804, Haiti attained independence from France following a lengthy and violent struggle, marking itself as the Caribbean’s inaugural independent nation. However, this newfound freedom came at a heavy price. Haiti had to pay exorbitant reparations to France, and later the United States, resulting in a crippling economy for decades to follow. Political corruption, foreign interventions, and a series of natural disasters, such as the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 and another in 2021, have further intensified the nation’s hardships. Despite these immense challenges, the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people remains unyielding.

Escalating Violence and Political Turmoil

In the past few years, Haiti has faced escalating violence and political turmoil. The assassination of President Moïse in 2021 threw the country into chaos, creating a power vacuum that has been leveraged by local gangs putting the nation in crisis. Some of these gangs have historical connections to political parties and the military, and they now hold significant portions of the country, including large areas of the capital, Port-au-Prince. As a result, insecurity has soared, leading to a surge in kidnappings and forcing many Haitians to flee their homes. Some seek refuge in rural regions, hoping to find safety from the rampant violence plaguing their communities. Recently, the former prime minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, resigned from his position, paving the way for an interim leadership council who are managing the transition with the goal of  appointing a new prime minister and moving toward the election of a new president. The people of Haiti cautiously hold on to hope, but in the absence of authority, gang leaders are expanding their influence. 

We recently spoke to the Plant With Purpose country director in Haiti, and when asked about how the current situation is impacting the communities we work in, he had this to say, “Most of the people from the areas attacked by the gangsters are obliged to leave their houses to go into the countryside, this is a reality. The regions where we work are also touched by this phenomenon. Of course, that situation puts pressure on the income of our partner families. The size of some households has increased. Our partner families have spent more money on food. Their capacities to save in the Purpose Groups are decreasing. Some Purpose Groups can’t close the savings cycle on time because some members can’t pay on time.” 

Hope Amidst Despair

hope amidst a nation in crisis

Despite the harsh realities Haiti faces, there are flickers of hope. Participants of Plant With Purpose remain resilient, striving for a better quality of life. One encouraging indicator is that farmers are still meeting program goals, increasing crop yields, planting trees, and even providing shelter for their fleeing family members. Through their program involvement, families are uniting to achieve both personal and communal objectives. Crops are flourishing, trees are being planted, and groups continue to gather for mutual support. However, sustaining these activities has become increasingly challenging, with resources in extremely short supply. Purpose Groups have proven to be vital in fostering resilience, offering participants and their families access to a degree of financial security. These initiatives not only empower Haitians to support themselves, but also nurture a sense of unity and perseverance within their communities.

How You Can Help

Now, more than ever, the people of Haiti desperately need our support. By standing alongside Haitian farmers, we have the power to make a real and meaningful difference in their lives. Whether it’s through financial contributions, spreading awareness, or advocating for Haiti, every single action matters. We cannot ignore the plight of Haiti. Together, we can assist the Haitian people in rebuilding their nation and creating a future that is filled with hope and endless opportunities.

Learn more about how the situation in Haiti is unfolding and what you can do to help.

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Shiloah’s accomplishments include her completion of a climate justice fellowship, and writing/co-producing short films on environmental justice awareness. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California Baptist University. Shiloah enjoys hiking, watching musical theater, and writing poetry and thriller short stories.

Through storytelling and implementing creative ways to engage donors, Shiloah hopes to bring inspiration and connection between people and our mission.

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