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Shiloah Williams

Shiloah’s accomplishments include her completion of a climate justice fellowship, and writing/co-producing short films on environmental justice awareness. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California Baptist University. Shiloah enjoys hiking, watching musical theater, and writing poetry and thriller short stories.

Through storytelling and implementing creative ways to engage donors, Shiloah hopes to bring inspiration and connection between people and our mission.


Trees Are Only Part of the Story

Plant With Purpose celebrates planting 50 million trees and so much more Plant With Purpose celebrates planting of our 50 millionth tree. This represents decades of growth, lessons learned, and lives changed  since our first seedling was placed in the ground in 1984, 38 years ago. Planting 50 million trees in 38 years may seem […]
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Ethical Photography: Upholding the Dignity of Our Partners

Photographs are one of the most powerful forms of communication. They can motivate, inspire, and introduce you to people and places you may have never been exposed to otherwise. But what happens if we publish the wrong photo?  You know, the one that catches a subject making an unflattering expression or captures them at their […]
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As the world heats up, the world’s poorest suffer most

As global heatwaves increase it is the poor who suffer the most. Two months ago, South Asia faced a lethal, record-breaking heatwave that many took as a warning for what, in light of climate change, could become increasingly normal. India and Pakistan and their 1.5 billion residents bore the brunt of the excessive temperatures. Jacobad, […]
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The Spiritual Stakes of Endangered Species

The following is a guest contribution by Christian environmental writer, Betsy Painter. Betsy Painter is a creative writer and conservation biologist who is passionate about environmental care and its human dimensions. She has studied Religion and Ecology in graduate school with a focus on the beautification of nature in the redemptive Biblical narrative and its […]
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