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A worthy investment

December 19, 2018

If you’re a Purpose Partner, if you’ve started a fundraiser for Plant With Purpose, or if you’ve ever donated towards our mission of reversing poverty and deforestation, you should know that your donations weren’t a hand-out. It’s more accurate to think of your gift as an investment. The financial growth our partners experience is a result of their own hard work and skills. By investing in our programs, you are letting our partners in Asia, Latin America, and Africa know that you believe in their ability to heal their land and to create opportunity.

In the hands of our partners, every dollar given has resulted in $3-$10 of growth. That’s quite a return. This happens when you invest in the right things, in women, in local leaders, and in sustainability.


An investment in women

Did you know that across our programs, women make up about two-thirds of all participants? When you support Plant With Purpose, you are supporting women’s empowerment all around the world.

This is not just a symbolic gesture, but a strategic one. Women play such a crucial role in rural households, that investing in them ultimately benefits the entire community. Women are frequently at the forefront of cultivating a family farm, starting small businesses, and participating in activities that most affect the environment.

Plant With Purpose also invests in the women of the future. In families who participate in our programs, daughters are 55% more likely to attend school. This is especially important in places where girls are often taken out of school due to poverty.

Plant With Purpose's Congo team includes expert agronomists.

We invest in local leaders

From the very beginning, Plant With Purpose has been decentralized, working side by side with leaders who come from the communities where we work.

This means that environmental restoration isn’t about outsiders coming in and telling community members what they need to do differently. It’s about equipping local leaders, who bring their own expertise and knowledge of the area, with the resources to lead their communities towards a better future. It means that the end result isn’t people in line at a distribution center, but instead, people in charge, thrilled over the difference they can make in their community.

We are an international body, and our leaders from each program learn from each other. Our team in the United States learn from our partners in Thailand. Our leaders in the Congo learn from our Haitian partners. It’s all about local action with global perspective.

Plant With Purpose's work is an investment in sustainability.

Plant With Purpose's work is an investment in sustainability.

An investment in sustainability

Sustainable change is lasting change. It’s not just about improving a few key statistics or bringing about a short-lived exciting idea. It’s about spreading new norms and habits among communities that can help people and the Earth live in harmony. This means that progress isn’t instantaneous, but it is long lasting. We work with communities anywhere from 7-12 years until environmental restoration has become fully saturated.

Our programs aren’t just designed to introduce new income sources so people can cope with the challenges they face. We also empower them to address those challenges head on. We believe that soil infertility can be reversed, that planting trees can ultimately protect vital resources, and that sustainable agriculture opens even more doors. Our program is an investment in soil, in water, and in the roots of what it takes for a village to thrive.

Ready to get invested? Remember that for every $10 you invest in our program, our local partners will turn that into $30-$100 of financial empowerment and environmental restoration. If you became a Purpose Partner at $22 a month, that would turn into $66-$220! Want to sign up? You can do so quickly over here.

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