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A Generational Promise

August 20, 2019

An investment in the environment is a promise to future generations

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

You might see that quote attributed to Les Brown or to Warren Buffett. While the author of the phrase is unclear, its significance is direct. Our relationship with the environment- for better or worse- has been affected by the work of previous generations. Likewise, what we do now will affect generations to come.

In the day-to-day challenges of living, it can be easy to lose sight of what impact we’re having on future generations. Drastic life changes might encourage us to consider how we’re impacting the world that our future generations will inherit.

Caring for the environment is an act of love and compassion for those who will come after us.

After all, as we’re called to love our neighbors, we must remember that love is not bound by time, by the present moment, or by what we can immediately see in front of us. Stewarding the Earth more carefully is one of our most direct ways to show compassion for those who come after us.

In Tanzania, small, sustainable changes result in generational promises

How do you take action to care for the future generation through the environment? It happens one act at a time, one decision at a time.

This is what Danista learned when she joined a Plant With Purpose program. A local leader once came to her church in Tanzania, and through him, she learned about Plant With Purpose’s empowerment groups. She learned she could join a group to take out loans for sustainable agriculture projects.

“I took a loan, borrowing 1 million shillings. With that loan I bought an incubator for chickens, which hatched in January. Now I get eggs. I also added a black chicken from Malawi for more egg production- these 40 chickens produce eggs 350 days a year. I can sell the young chickens and eggs,” she proudly reported. 

Danista's daughters play at home.

Danista's daughters play at home.

A simple chicken project may seem like a single action in the face of challenges like the climate crisis or widespread poverty. To Danista and her family, it represented something more. It showed them that change was possible, and that they didn’t have to be stuck in a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation.

Caring for these chickens led Danista to also care for her land. She applied the skills she learned from her empowerment group, and she began to see widespread improvement.

Danista has her eye on what her grandchildren might do during their lifetime

Danista is a mother. And a grandmother. With the added income she has from her chickens, she is able to send the kids to school.

“I have seven children and eight grandchildren. The chicken project has changed my family by helping my children stay in school. All grandchildren are girls and we can now pay for school fees,” she tells.

This is no small feat. For families who struggle with poverty, one of the first observable effects of an emergency is young girls being taken out of school.

Educating girls has so much potential, however, to solve these major issues. It ranks as one of the top solutions for our ecological crisis.

“My husband is a retired pastor. He gives 10% of his income to the church. Neighbors desire to walk with God from seeing us,” she explains. Danista is not only passing on more opportunities to the next generation. She passes on an example of what faith and hard work can look like.

Plant With Purpose exists to help you support farmers like Danista be the solution to our planet’s ecological problems. Through focusing on the spiritual roots of environmental challenges, we see transformation take place at every level. Want to partner up? Sign up to become a Purpose Partner here!

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