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Things you'll see on a visit to Burundi

our visit to burundi

Burundi boasts several natural wonders that inspire awe. The Chutes de Karera are an impressive set of waterfalls in Burundi's Rutana province. There are six waterfalls within the protected area. The park also contains Sudanese Teakwood trees, an endangered species used in the production of Burundi's traditional drums and other goods.

About the Author

Philippe shares the stories of people living at the forefront of the climate crisis, who are working to transform their ecosystems and communities. He loves emphasizing the human experience, and keeping conversations about the environment centered on the communities most affected by it. Philippe has led storytelling trips to Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Tanzania, South Africa, Haiti, and a number of other countries. He has previously served in similar roles at Liberty in North Korea and Mobility International.

Philippe obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies at UC Santa Barbara. He furthered his studies by earning a Master of Arts in International Studies as well as a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management at University of Oregon. Philippe is also an illustrator, podcaster, and digital artist. Outside of work, Philippe loves spending time with his wife and their three kids.

2 comments on “Things you'll see on a visit to Burundi”

  1. Pictures tell the story beautifully and best. Love "touring" Burundi via the visuals. Great idea. I scrolled through the entire story, which I do not always do. Thanks!

  2. Philippe,

    Great article and photos! You are very talented and we are lucky to have you on our Mission Beyond Committee.


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