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In the voices of our partners

One of the more complex nuances of working across different countries and cultures is storytelling and communication. When done poorly, organizations run several risks: from dehumanizing the people they seek to help to diminishing the role local actors play in advancing progress. In this post, CEO Scott Sabin shares how to allow our partners to […]
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While having country-based leadership in all of our programs is important, we take it a step further and the advantage of local leadership is undeniable.  The importance of having local ownership over our mission and program activities has been emphasized at Plant With Purpose from the very beginning. Back in 1984, Plant With Purpose was […]
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Plant With Purpose is launching in Ethiopia

In 2019, Plant With Purpose will begin program work in Ethiopia We are extremely excited to announce that this year we will begin working with families and communities in rural Ethiopia. In mid-2018, we were approved to begin working. We have appointed Getnet Takere to serve as the Pilot Project Manager, and he is currently busy […]
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What you need to know about Ethiopia's environment

As Plant With Purpose prepares to begin its work in Ethiopia, our international team has spent time learning from local leaders and experts about its environment. The East African nation has seen a number of changes over the past year, including a new prime minister, its first female president, as well as the end of […]
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