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Hope in a Weary Land

Where is the most difficult place on the planet to survive? You could certainly make a case for a few of the countries where Plant With Purpose works. Experts frequently mention the Democratic Republic of the Congo among the most difficult countries for someone to live. Frequent episodes of violent conflict, rampant hunger and poverty, […]
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Why a better floor indicates a better future

A typical decision made by rural families: Imagine this scenario: You are a parent living in rural Burundi. For years you’ve struggled to earn an income of about 80 cents a day. With five children to feed, things have never been easy. Lately, however, things have started to look a little bit better. Last year, […]
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Address root causes

There is no shortage of causes around the world to care about. Every year, thousands of new nonprofit organizations file paperwork to start programs. For people wanting to make an impact, often the problem isn’t finding opportunities to make a difference but choosing one! The Plant With Purpose team has experience working on a number […]
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What would people think of me if they knew I was in an armed group?

Sometimes people go to war. But in some cases, war comes for people. Africa’s Great Lakes Region is no stranger to conflict. Its past few decades have seen attempts at ethnic cleansing, the conscription of child soldiers, and tribes turning against tribes. The natural beauty of the area contrasts alarmingly with moments of brutality. When […]
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