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A better environment benefits all

Rio Garza once suffered from the environmental conditions that plague many rural communities around the world. Problems like deforestation, poverty, and soil erosion create difficult lives for people living in rural areas around the world. This is the reason why rural poverty remains a challenge to eradicate, even though the overall number of those living […]
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The Need for Trees

People need trees, and trees need people. What would happen without trees? In many parts of the world, people would suffer greatly. Trees fix soil with vital nutrients. Trees fix beneficial nutrients in the earth which enables other plants to grow, including vegetables and crops needed to feed people and livestock. Their roots also help […]
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The Eye of Water

It started with a different vision. About twenty years ago, a visit to the community of Ojo de Agua, “the eye of water” in Mexico’s Mixteca region would have looked quite different. The steep hillside would have been brown and dry. For years, the people of Ojo de Agua relied heavily on the production of […]
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