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Strong people in a vulnerable land

Haitians are forced to deal with the reality of natural threats. Haiti is not only a country with many political and economic struggles, but it also has to deal with the fact that it is located in one of the most vulnerable locations when it comes to natural disasters. As the massive earthquake in 2010 […]
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The earthquake that changed everything and nothing

Plant With Purpose committed to showing up. Few events stand out in the memory of Plant With Purpose’s executive director Scott Sabin like the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti. As news broke on that Monday in early January, the organization had to quickly figure out how to respond to an event that claimed 300,000 lives […]
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Empowerment writes a different story in the hills of Haiti

Good intentions often produce harmful results in Haiti.  Haiti is a hot spot for charity organizations and well-intentioned people wanting to help. The country is often recognized by its poverty as the poorest in the Western Hemisphere and the victim of natural disasters. Unfortunately, the presence of these good intentions have not always produced great […]
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