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Andres from Zumbador

Like much of the world, Andres relied on land to live Getting to Andres’ farm from any of the Dominican Republic’s main roads takes a series of dusty streets and switchbacks. The closer you get to the farm, the more and more it starts to look like the Garden of Eden, with coffee, bananas, cassava, […]
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Why is Saving Small Amounts of Money Impactful?

Savings change everything. Although saving a couple dozen cents a week does not sound like much, it is significant. The impact of 20-30 women saving thirty cents a week is catalytic. It causes a chain reaction of change which results in benefits for both the individual and the community. The Impact on Individuals Saving money for […]
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Why animals? Talk to Come

Owning Livestock is an important step. Animals support rural farmers with nutrients and stability. In Burundi, many live in rural communities and farm for their livelihood. Most grow crops, but few have animals. When families begin owning livestock, their lives change. Owning livestock acts as a safeguard for farming families. Farmers often lack nutrients from […]
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