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Are we missing out on one of our planet’s greatest lifelines?

A group of people 800 million strong are critical to solving our environmental crisis. Our planet is undoubtedly at a critical moment right now. Various reports show that close to a million species are at risk of extinction. Meanwhile, 2030 has been projected as the date by which changes to the earth’s climate will have […]
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4 Reminders for When Environmental Issues Seem Overwhelming

How can we prevent a mass extinction event? Can we remove enough carbon from the atmosphere to avoid irreversible climate change? Can we protect and restore the forests we have left? It can be so easy to get overwhelmed by the daunting nature of protecting our planet. Maybe it isn’t so surprising that many people […]
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What are the most important sustainability goals for the 2020s?

 It’s a new year and a new decade at that. The beginning of the 2020s puts us at a crucial spot in trying to address some of our planet’s biggest environmental issues. The sustainability goals and decisions that we make over the next decade will have an impact on our planet. This impact will long […]
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