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Wave goodbye to plastics by implementing these steps

Plastics are everywhere As the doors at a local supermarket glide open, shelves stocked with mounds of endless foods provide a sense of freedom and excitement for consumers. Here's the catch: they are all wrapped in plastic! What picture does this imagery paint in your head? With lives so infiltrated by plastics, this supermarket visual […]
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My faith has come from difficult moments

Sometimes it’s the hardest moments of life that produce the most growth If we were to list out the most meaningful things we’ve done throughout our life and then make a second list featuring the most difficult things we’ve ever done, I suspect we’d find a good amount of overlap. Things that are worthwhile are […]
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When it comes to the environment, is there a case for hope?

How hopeful do you feel when it comes to the environment “I’ll be honest, sometimes it can feel like there are many reasons why finding hope is difficult,” explained Plant With Purpose executive director Scott Sabin. Scott’s assessment feels very relatable. Between the rampant threats to places like the Amazon rainforest, the frequent reports of […]
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Six hopeful stories about the environment in 2018

When you pay attention to the news about the environment, the stories you come across are often grim. Many of them are alarming, warning about how we can’t continue our demanding lifestyles without irreversible damage to the planet. Those stories are important, and it’s important to heed their warnings, but it is also important to […]
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