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The Power of Investing in Mothers

What changes when you invest in mothers? Mothers are a major part of any family. Whether it be a working mother of two or a stay at home mom, the mothers in our lives have helped shape us. The title of ‘mother’ is not a light load. Mothers are some of the best workers, multi-taskers, […]
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Parenthood vs. Poverty

Being a parent means wanting the best for your children. This simple desire is present in parents no matter what part of the world they live in, and it allows parents from California to the Congo, from Haiti to Hollywood to relate to each other. While all families want these same outcomes, not all will […]
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Celebrating the moms who have it the hardest

We remember the moms in places where raising children is extremely difficult. There are some places around the world where motherhood is extremely difficult. In many of the communities where Plant With Purpose works, moms have to overcome poverty, food insecurity, disease, and conflict in order to make life better for their children. As we […]
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Motherhood is difficult. In DR Congo, it’s simply daunting

The Democratic Republic of Congo is among the worst places to be a mom. Each year, Save the Children releases an annual motherhood report that determines the best and worst places to become a mother. In 2012, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reached the very bottom of that list. It has continually ranked in […]
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