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Faith isn’t just for Sunday

Worship has no boundaries A big part of spiritual renewal is learning that we shouldn't compartmentalize our relationship with God within church walls. Our faith isn't just for Sundays. A vibrant, robust faith impacts every single thing we do, from church to work to life at home. There are no boundaries. This is true whether […]
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Rising up to face the three big threats

Plant With Purpose exists to respond to three of the biggest threats that face our planet right now. Environmental degradation. Poverty. Spiritual despair. These three crises aren’t just concepts, but active threats to the lives and well-being of people all around the world. These three issues are so deeply connected. Environmental issues contribute to poverty […]
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DRC: The urgency of unity

Right now is a volatile time for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In February, The Economist issued a magazine cover picturing a Congolese soldier with the headline Heading back to hell: Congo in Peril. This is a headline nobody wants to see. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has endured a history of […]
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What would people think of me if they knew I was in an armed group?

Sometimes people go to war. But in some cases, war comes for people. Africa’s Great Lakes Region is no stranger to conflict. Its past few decades have seen attempts at ethnic cleansing, the conscription of child soldiers, and tribes turning against tribes. The natural beauty of the area contrasts alarmingly with moments of brutality. When […]
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