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Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose seeks to restore hope by reversing two of the world’s greatest challenges: global poverty and environmental damage. These problems are interconnected.

Our goal is to see creation’s life-giving regenerative cycles restored and people renewed through their relationship to God, living in healthy sufficiency and empowered to dream.

We operate in eight countries around the world. Our international work is 100% locally-led, with global offices operating both as independent agencies within their country, and alliance partners with Plant With Purpose U.S., which supports their ongoing work.

Nathalie, Haiti: "I am really empowered to take care of my family."

“I have respect for trees, and I plant a lot because I am very concerned about erosion,” shares Nathalie. “It is a direct consequence of deforestation and bad farming practices. Farming is essential for the economic survival of my family in Haiti.” Erosion is indeed a serious concern for rural farmers in Haiti. In the […]
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Solomon, Ethiopia: "They are happier than ever before."

Farmer Solomon is among the thousands of participants of Plant With Purpose’s Ethiopia program. He is a forty-year-old father of five. Living in the Mokie watershed, Solomon became a member of a Purpose Group a few years ago. “Before I became a member, I had an interest in diversifying my family’s income. I wanted to […]
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A nurse, a teacher, and a mother: How communities in the DRC are holistically transformed

A core aspect of Plant With Purpose’s work is to find holistic solutions for change. We work in places where ordinary people face a myriad of challenges, but solutions are only sustainable and effective when we take into account the way they are connected to one another. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) demonstrates […]
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Davina, Tanzania: "Our livelihoods rely on farming"

At the center of her village in the Shengena East watershed of Tanzania, lives Davina, a determined single mother of five. She faces the challenges of parenting with unwavering strength. Three boys and two girls are not just her children, they are the pillars of her world. Life in her village presented numerous challenges, particularly […]
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Silvia, Tanzania: "My children are actively participating"

Silvia and her husband are farmers and traders. Her husband works as a farmer, while Silvia is a business woman. Silvia’s biggest challenge as a parent of four was having her daughter drop out of school. A child dropping out of school is a major stress on a parent, especially when it is a girl […]
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Hellen, Tanzania: "Education and safety are my prayers"

In the heart of a village in the Hai West watershed, Hellen began her journey of Transformation and entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Life had always been an uphill battle for Hellen and her family: her motorcycle-driving husband Lameck and their four children. Hellen labored as a small-scale vegetable seller, steady in her determination to provide for […]
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Magreth, Tanzania: "Education is a beacon of hope to other women"

Magreth is the wife of Stephano and the devoted mother of six children in the Saseni watershed of Tanzania. She works in agriculture, which serves as her family's primary source of income. For several years, she has actively participated in a Purpose Group to help her children gain an education in Tanzania. Despite agriculture being […]
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Elisongoya, Tanzania: "A decision that opened doors..."

Elisongoya is a resilient 40-year-old farmer. The lives of Elisongoya, her husband, and their four children took a positive turn, thanks to Elisongoya's involvement in her Purpose Group. “Before joining the group, I worried a lot about my inability to provide for our family. My husband and I lacked a stable income which caused us […]
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Isabel, Dominican Republic: "We are driven by the thought of our children’s future"

“My husband and I work hard because we are driven by the thought of our children and their future,” begins Isabel. “When an adverse situation arises, what we do is focus on how to solve it and continue with our task as parents.” Isabel and her husband are coffee and cacao farmers, living in Ozama, […]
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Margarita, Dominican Republic: "The change in my life has been enormous"

Margarita is a farmer and mother living in the Ozama watershed of the Dominican Republic, farming her land. Like many mothers, she worries about her children and their safety. “I worry a lot about my children and their safety when going to school,” she tells us. “The road is very long, and they have to […]
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We are able to persist: Sustainable agriculture in Haiti keeps parents resilient

In recent years, few countries have reached the level of instability seen by Haiti. The collapse of its central government and authority structures have created an atmosphere of lawlessness, in which street-level violence has escalated. The constant threat of harm and kidnappings has disrupted everyday life for most Haitians, particularly around larger population centers. Many […]
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Nakon, Thailand: "My mission is to make the soil more fertile"

Education is a widespread concern of parents all over the world. This includes Northern Thailand, where many Plant With Purpose members are challenged by insufficient agricultural practices and tenuous rights to land. Plant With Purpose works with parents like Nakon to improve the crop yields of the Thailand farmer and the health of their land. […]
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Plant With Purpose opens in Malawi with a big celebration

Plant With Purpose's newest country program has officially opened! Last month, our newest partnering country program, Floresta in Malawi, launched with a program inauguration ceremony in Nkhata Bay. The links between environmental health and sustainable livelihoods in Malawi are so strong that working in the country's rural communities was an ideal fit for Plant With […]
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Josias, Burundi: "My mission is to make the soil more fertile"

My name is Josias. I am 53 years old and a member of a Purpose Group where we are all famers in Burundi. Before I joined the Purpose Group, I lived with many financial struggles. I used to be a trader in the Bujumbura Central Market, and I had a better life. Unfortunately, there was […]
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Benjamín, DR: Leadership is knowing how to serve people, knowing the problems of your community

Benjamín has been a member of Plant With Purpose's program as a Dominican Republic farmer for four years. In that time he has applied his new knowledge and practices and seen his life improve alongside his community's. We had a chance to ask Benjamín a few questions about his experience and outlook. What challenges did […]
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